Please understand that placing our puppies in a loving home is very important to us.

We do our best to ensure the best life possible for each of them.

Please realize it is a 12 to 15 year responsibility and love commitment for your family.

Please take into consideration that Labradors should have plenty of room to romp and play.

As a new owner you need to be dedicated to walking or jogging every other day and playing fetch with him /her on the alternate days.

If you live in an apartment/condo or don't have a fenced yard, please consider a smaller breed for a companion.

The Labrador Retriever is a loyal, loving and affectionate dog. They want to be around you all the time and be a part of everything you do.

They are highly intelligent and eager to please which makes them quite easy to train.

They are obedient, good-natured, and loyal.

They deserve the best from their new owners and family. So, I hope you understand, we are very picky who we sell our pups to.