The price for all current pups is $900 for limited AKC registration or $1200 for unlimited.

We do not hold a pup without a deposit and we do not refund deposits due to a change of heart after payment. Owning a Labrador Retriever is at least a 12 to 15 year commitment. Please make sure you are willing to be committed to the expense and time involved before making your deposit.

We prefer selling only to family homes with a fenced yard. If you want an apartment or house pet, we recommend a smaller breed. Labs need room to romp and play daily.

We do not sell our pups as intended gifts for parties other than the buyer. While well intended, "gift" puppies account for a high percentage of animals that end up in shelters and rescues.

Non-refundable deposits, $300 /$400, will secure picking order when time for puppies to go new home. To ensure that you receive the healthiest pup possible. we do not permit people to handle the puppies until they are ready to be picked and go home.

We expect you to pick up your puppy and take them home between seven to nine weeks old. Family Dog by Richard A Wolters, recommends that puppies go to their new home at seven weeks of age.