Even if all precautions have been taken, genetic disorders do sometimes occur unexpectedly in puppies (as in people). In the past few decades, medical science has shown conclusively that humans develop a multitude of ailments due to their modern diet and lifestyle. The book China Study by T. Colin Campbell is a good place to start, as well as the dvd Fork Over Knives. The book and DVD Diet for a New America by John Robbins is also recommended. These can all be bought at a low price on Amazon.

Our research has lead us to believe that a lot of ailments with dogs are more due to poor diet and lack of proper exercise than poor genetics. Our experience has taught us that it makes more sense to pay more for the dog chow now than to pay high vet bills down the road or have to put a loved pet down prematurely.

Presently, we only recommend Five Star dog foods such as Artemis Pet Food, Dick Van Patten Natural Balance, Eagle Pack, Solid Gold, and Wellness. You can read about why these are better for your dogs health at Best Dry Dog Food Reviews on Dog Food Scoop. Be sure to check out their The Best Commercial Food Dog Food - How Can You Tell?. We do not recommend Merrick for our experience has been they do not stand behind their customer satisfaction guarantee without imposing a lot of red tape.

We presently are using a combination of raw food and Eagle Pack Lamb and Rice. By Googling it, you can usually find these five star dog foods at reasonable prices online delivered to your home for free and without sale tax.

Dry dog food is not only nutritious but it cleans teeth as well as being more cost effective. Therefore, we recommend avoiding canned dog food.