Sunny, the sire, is an uniquely large and muscular Labrador.

His mother was English so he has the English block head.

From his photos under "Sunny", and elsewhere on this website, you can see he is large and handsome.

Sunny loves to track, explore, and sniff.

He also has the watch dog instinct and loves to alert you if a stranger is present.

Bonnie, the dam, is a typical American lab in size and appearance.

From her photos here, and on other pages on this website, I believe you will agree she is quite the beauty.

Bonnie loves to retrieve and go after rabbits that roam around our neighborhood.

She is very loyal and affectionate.

Both have the Labrador's otter tail and web feet as well as the black mascara look around eyes and nose.

The Labrador Retriever is very active and strongly built.

They have a fairly wide muzzle and medium sized eyes that are set well apart.

Their coat is thick and dense and the under-layer is water resistant. Webbed feet aid the dog when swimming.